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Vision & Mission


Vision of the establishement of PDRi is based on,

  1. To build Pakistanis  professionally capable to cope with modern industry culture around the world.
  2. The essence of knowledge and development lies in research, so new trends of research is to be introduced in vocational and professional aspects of Pakistanis.
  3. Special attention is paid to certify, accredit and develop overseas Pakistanis to enable them to get good jobs and contribute to the development of humanity.


To achieve the above vision, PDRi under the supervison of Prof. Dr. Zshah, has done agreements with different pakistani and international bodies, boards, institutions, researchers and vocation professional development experts, in order to contribute to the professional development of Pakistanis.

For this purpose PDRi has established its main operations and training campus in Mardan, in addition to the training campuses at Lahore and Islamabad.