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Admission Procedures

Admission Processing Protocols of PDRi

Admission to any course/certification is a critical decision of life and requires complete knowledge of the future and present prospects of having the said certification. Unlike the rest of institutes in the country, PDRi extends free valuable service during the time of admission especially in selection of diploma course, title and category of diploma, mode of study, assessment of existing competency of the candidate,  and other relevant factors. All such services are free of cost and sadqa jariah. For this purpose ,PDRi, has evolved the following mechanism and set of protocols.

  1. Information Department:

Before admission, all required information data is provided to the prospect. Mainly the resume of the candidate is received at this stage, his desired course and CV is put forwarded to the Evaluation / Counseling Department.

  1. Evaluation & Support Department.

The data received from the information department/section, the evaluation department which is headed by professional experts, psychologists, researchers, and ducators  evaluate, analyze and assess the needs, interests, compatibility of the requested certification by the candidate. The candidates are mostly provided alternative options, based on the future  utility prospects, marketability of the certification and compatibility of the existing competency of the candidates and their proposed certifications.

  1. Admission Department.

At this stage, the admission process begins. Admission form is filled, fee deposit invoice is sent to the candidate, and the process is completed. This department is headed by QaisarShahan, who is directly responsible to the chief Advisor, Dr. Z.Shah

  1. Academic Department:

As per details in the admission form, assignment topic, format of research assignment, online relevant books/materials to be sent online to the candidate.


PDRi has made admission procedure easy for on job professionals.

You can follow any of the below methods.

  1. Online Admission Procedure: If you are having basic computer literacy you can even register online from your  Cell Phone, if you have internet facility. Click the below link, Select the Category of your choice, then select the desired course. Here you will find an online admission form, fill it and press submit. With in 3 minutes check your email for complete details.


  1. Manual Admission Form : Go back to home page and download the admission form, Check the Fee Structure, fill it and send it to your concerned admission advisor of the PDRi.
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