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Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

PDRi- Professional Development Research Institute & Consultancy Services, (works Under Professional Research & Training Services Limited), is engaged in Professional Research , Training, and on job-Professionals Capacity Building Initiatives

Diploma Courses

There are organizations and bodies that accredit institutes, universities, colleges, schools, and vocational training entities. Then there are accreditation schemes for individuals whereby professional trainers can get accredited for a single discipline.

In case of the certification aspect, there are professional courses – apart from formal education in a university, college or school – that require certification. These courses lead to specific exam-based testing and based on the results, the individual learner is provided with the “pass” certificate, called Professional or Research Based Diploma.

There is no single entity that accredits a vast majority of trainers and training providers for their training materials, processes, and trainers, and, at the same time, provides opportunities for the learners to have a proof of having attended the approved course from a well-recognized organization. The TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization (“TRACCERT” for short) has been conceived and established to cater to the needs of this very segment of training providers and learners.

What’s New In TRACCERT for Pakistanis?

For the first time in Pakistan, professional friendly capacity building, competency enhancement and vocation specific international standards CERTIFICATION   activity has been initiated by the internationally renowned researcher & educator Dr. Zshah, with the following salient features.

1. Professional Friendly & Flexible System of Certification.

2. Mode Of Study is based on online learning, research project, online action research..

3. Exemption upto 60 % is granted to those who have at least 2 year professional experience in the related area with required academic qualifications.