Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

PDRi- Professional Development Research Institute & Consultancy Services, (works Under Professional Research & Training Services Limited), is engaged in Professional Research , Training, and on job-Professionals Capacity Building Initiatives

PDRi is a registered company & training partner of TRACCERT Canada

Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan
Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

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Overseas Pakistanis, especially in the GCC region suffer a lot from many challenges. The basic challenge is their lack of certification of their practically learned qualification. The existing government initiatives are not enough and in most cases the adults remain with no choice to study further in the existing traditional frame work of qualification. Because of job schedule, financial constraints and family problems. This is the reason that they are prey to substandard and non verifiable certification by the persons or institutes which are just selling machines of diplomas.

For this reason the chief advisor of PDRi , Dr. Zshah and professional team and researchers of PDRi/PDRC , after a long and in-depth research found some national and international bodies which may certify such individuals in the form of 1 to 3 years professional diplomas, on bases of the acquired experience of the candidate and simple professional action research. The professional action research is a modern tool, which is explained on the home page of the pdri.

Mode of Study & Examination:

Maximum relaxation is to be granted for overseas professionals. However, after admission the candidate must show experience letter of job, passport to the admission or evaluation department of PDRi.

Instead of traditional exam, only online comprehensive exam and a research assignment of 30 to 40 pages with less than 20% plagiarism is desired.

Completion & Award of 1-3 Year Professional Diploma:

Under RPL and Fast Track the said diploma can be completed with in 3 to 4 months.

In Which Course I can Get the Diploma:

Mostly overseas Pakistanis work in construction , Mechanical or electrical side. But such diplomas are available in all fields.

Admission Fee: Usually international diplomas cost high. But for one year diploma complete fee is 40 thousand pkr, for two year diploma , 50 thousand pkr and upto 75000 pkr for 3 year diploma.

Note: The fee can be deposited in maximum 3 easy installments, if admission is sought on fast track system. However fee concession is available for any deserving candidate.

Mostly Which Body Will Award Me the Diploma:

Currently since last two years TRACCERT Canada is the most trusted and genuine body, of which Dr. Shah is Chief advisor and coordinator for Pakistan, GCC countries and Afghanistan.

What’s TRACCERT: Traccert is training accreditation and Certification Canadian organization registered with government of Canada and is a full member of Canada popular Association


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