Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

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Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan
Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

Overseas Professionals Can Find Graduate & Post Graduate Programs ( Online): MUST READ BELOW DETAILS BEFORE ADMISSION

Overseas Pakistanis who are busy in their work/job activities, can now find online international courses, designed to their needs and development. As a consultancy we work with the following organizations/ universities. Exemptions on bases of previous credits available in some courses. Those candidates who want HEC recognized Programs admission will be admitted online to Asia E University or Lincoln University Malaysia. However in this case the candidates will require to take online classes as per schedule of the Universities. For any Details and Guidance , please whatsapp our Expert Qaisar Shahan on +923479812089 IMPORTANT BLOC / DETAILS FOR OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS Usually Pakistani overseas demand the following three things in any qualification.
A. Well, my degree will be attested by HEC ? Try to understand that HEC provides equivalency to if the candidate provides passport showing his entry and exit to that country for education. By general law which exists in EUROPEAN some region , UK and USA dont place such conditions. Even in FRANCE under the law a jury of universities confer Graduation to PHD against the work experience called life learning.
In UK even accredited bodies like OFQUAL, OTHM, QUAILIFI offers upto master programs on distance and assignments bases.
Due to our efforts we have agreed with some universities like Asia E university, Some other Uk based Universities, the graduation equivalence is granted. But the candidates will pay huge fee to the university ranging from 5000USD to 16000USD, in addition studying for complete session online.
The other problem we have seen with overseas Pakistanis, that they neither can pay such heavy fee nor can study regularly and even can not wait for a 04 year graduation for 04 years.
keeping in view the poor conditions of lower tier and middle upper pakistanis in the middle eastern countries, and doing research work on it by our Advisor, Prof. Dr Zshah , Ph.D, the following options are available for overseas Pakistanis to be graduated in the respective area of their experience
Please read the below details and facts about the universities we are working in joint collaboration of Research , training and admission for overseas Pakistanis.

A. European International University : Please click on the link and see all details of accreditation Here you will see all details like accreditation French Ministry, and international accreditation and membership. Usually BBA, MBA , DBA COURSES are offered. If you go through us for admission we can help you in Credits Exemptions, Research Guidance & and much more. However ultimate policy of university will govern

B. Azteca University Mexico: This university offers international programs on online system. This is accredited by ministry of education and is a member of more than 5 international bodies. It is also member of IAU and Unesco listed. It is also listed on World Higher Education Data base

C. Kesmonds International University. Website is is registered in USA as an education company. It is accredited by Cameroon campus of this university is registered by ministry of higher education Cameroon. Medical, education, engineering related graduation courses it offers and exemptions are available in some technical courses.
D. Ballsbridge University of Dominica. It has many campuses like in Cyprus, Canada, France , Somalia. Its a flexible and economic university. It is member of many association like IAU , Guide Association, Registration in Caucasians. Also this university provides BQS certificate which is comparability and equivalency by US Based California University FOR foreign credentials . After completion the course from Ballsbridge university , ou can attest your documents from USA Equivalency, US State department attestations via

E. Doctrate /Ph.D Level courses, Honorary PHD AWARDS, There are two types of doctorate education. The one is consisting of 03 years, research topic selected and research is completed under supervisor, this is a little bit expensive. However if a high ranking manager having at least 06 years jobs experience in the relevant position and published some work, some of the universities award them doctorate level degree. It must be noted that a time is coming when doctorate degree holders in the middle eastern and European regions will be given the highest respect and jobs. Please to check your ability to doctorate in engineering, management, marketing, HR, Safety, project management simply and boldly contact only Professor Dr. Zahir Shah, PhD on or

What I should do then?
If you can't afford to leave your job and admit in regular university , and in addition you don't have spare time, or in some cases feel the failure, at this moment you entered into a serious decision making phase. You have the following options with you.
A. Some candidates opine that we should not want to get graduated and remain in the situation as it is. Modern Psychology and Economic Sciences don,t encourage such behaviors ( and such persons usually belong to lower cadre family background or some times less educated idealists*.
B. If you want to do a graduation, it means you have the confidence to grow in your field. It is observed that some times a specific graduation is not giving any benefits. It is completely wrong conception that if you dont get promotion instantly , your graduation or higher degree became useless. A time will come when you will stand unique in the arena of your friends who were not graduate. Being in the field of social and educational services for the last 20 years, I have seen all such events. But our calculations are wrong. If it does not support or increase salary at the time being, an opportunity will come when will promote you in your area of job. Suppose if I am in Oman today, chances are there one day I may move to other country for job. Life is a continuous process full of challenges and opportunities.

Many students ask about attestations of documents, please we don't have spare time, however we can do on your request through third party services. Now a days Saudi has changed policy of attestations , and their embassies any where in the world attest only the on campus programs. However to solve such issues, majority of Agents attest the documents from US State Department USA. Other countries foreign affairs attestations are also accepted.
ABOUT OUR FEE STRUCTURE: we charge the lowest consultancy charges even in whole Asia. The students we guide to directly approach the concerned universities, and check the fee structure, we will charge at least 10 percent.
Those who dont apply for FAST TRACK, can deposit the fee based on monthly or whatever method is easy for the candidate.

Please click on below universities and apply online or for any support call/whatsapp/text +92347 9812089