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PDRi is Registered Firm Committed to Strengthen Pakistani Professionals to Cope with International Challenges

PDRi works in Collaboration With Traccert Canada and European International University For promoting international Certifications of one and two year on Research initiatives, Life Experiences & Online Training

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International Standard Qualification At your Door Step


PDRi is primarily committed to bring new trends in Professional Qualification which is to be based on Research Initiatives. PDRi is, thus striving to bring new and advanced concepts to the body of knowledge. The concepts change with change in time and evolution and hence the body of knowledge increases.


To empower Pakistanis through research, trainings, accreditation using modern means & methods and to bridge the gulf between the industries requirements and the required competencies both at national and international levels.

Why PDRi?

About Our Credibility & Collaboration: Now the professionals of any field can have Professional Certification of 1 & 2 year from www.traccert.org Canada & www.eiu.ac France with in short span of time like 90 working days under Accelerated, Exemptions, Fast Track, Online Research modes of Study & Exams at the door steps.

What Do We Do

We help professionals and skilled populace of the country who work inside or out side of the country in facilitating them with professional certifications from internationally reputed institutions through modern tools of study and examinations as are not in vogue in the traditional, class and age specific general education system.


Select a Distance Learning Programme to Benefit Your Career Path


Browse Online Courses. Advance your career with competence, confidence and recognition.


Earn Professional Certification from International Educational Bodies and promote you Qualification/Job to next level.

Online Verification

Online Diploma Verification of TRACCERT, EIU and BPDTRI

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Dr. Zahir Shah

Dr Shah has concluded MOUs with different international institutions like European International University which is recognized by the French Ministry of Labor and Man power and UKs popular and internationally recogonised Body the ASIC. Please see details on www.eiu.ac An other body of Canada is TRACCERT which is accredited by IAC. What PDRi Can Do For You? If you have professional experience and experties in any field like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Safety, Management, Medicine Or any other Area, you can be eligible for the award of professional Certificates/ Diplomas/ Graduate and Professional Post Graduate Diplomas under Accelerated and RPL mode of study under which the one or two year diploma can be awarded to the prospect candidate in 6 to 8 Months short time, called Fast Track System. By this the concerned professionals can acquire the desired legitimate professional diploma in a flexible manner, unlike the regular education system.


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