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Why PDRi?

UNLIKE  traditional distance learning or on campus qualification/ education  system, the management  PDRI/PDRC  feels privileged that it works under the direct leadership of Dr. Zaher Shah, PhD , who is a renowned researcher & public university teacher , offers novel , modern, European, American  , Research Based, Experience Based Professional Qualification & Certification. The whole spectrum of professional education has been synchronized to the needs, requirements and capacity of the adult professional capital of the country. Being philo- proletariat in essence, this cluster of initiatives will prove a mile stone in the history of the country.  From Matriculate to a Ph.D degree holder, and like wise from  office assistant to the highest managerial position holder can find suitable and congenial course/certification. Because of the following main features, PDRi shall always be the first choice of prospects, ever.

1. Flexible System of Professional Qualification..

2. Research And Vocation Specific Professional Qualification..

3. Experience and Research or Past Training Exemption Based Certification..

4. On job professionals friendly..

5. Variety of local and international certification..

6. Guidelines & counseling by seasoned researchers and specialists.

7. Research-Centric approach is the backbone and the most trusted aspect of knowledge…

8. The most affordable alternative choice for the prospects..

9. Free online data saving portal and publication of research work of the candidates..

10. Fast Track, RPL system, Exemptions for Overseas Pakistanis and Local skilled Persons is available.

It is obvious from the above facts that PDRi is the pioneering institute of its kind in the country.


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