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There are organizations and bodies that accredit institutes, universities, colleges, schools, and vocational training entities. Then there are accreditation schemes for individuals whereby professional trainers can get accredited for a single discipline.

In case of the certification aspect, there are professional courses – apart from formal education in a university, college or school – that require certification. These courses lead to specific exam-based testing and based on the results, the individual learner is provided with the “pass” certificate.

There is no single entity that accredits a vast majority of trainers and training providers for their training materials, processes, and trainers, and, at the same time, provides opportunities for the learners to have a proof of having attended the approved course from a well-recognized organization. The TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization (“TRACCERT” for short) has been conceived and established to cater to the needs of this very segment of training providers and learners.

Certificate of Accreditation


Your Benefits?

Accreditation is not free, but brings value to you!


“Accreditation is a formal, third party recognition of competence to perform specific tasks.”

United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

Following the same spirit of dedication and diligence, the TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization was formed. We conduct third party audits and provide recognition to the training providers who follow our standards. Our standards are based on international best practices and are very close to contents of the ISO 29990 and the EFQ quality model.

In Pakistan, TRACCERT Canada has concluded its MOU with PDRi under the supervision of Prf. Dr. Zshah, to open new ways for trained and experienced Pakistanis to get internationally certified in the form of 01 and 02 year Certifications/Diplomas. With the aim and goals to help upgrade the professionals to be at par with international standards and market. The certification and accreditation process for one or two year diploma will take at least 90 days after the complete fee submission. 

We understand and value the hard work and dedication required to provide excellent training to learners at all stages. But when it comes to individual trainers or training companies, there seems to be lesser recognition at international levels. We, the TRACCERT Training Accreditation and Certification Organization, provide accreditation for your hard work.

But to get the ACCREDITED status, you need to understand our audit process and fulfill the requirements. Once you earn the status, you will benefit in many ways:

  • Your students/learners will trust your efforts more as you will be an accredited individual/company.
  • You will have much better service delivery as our audit process will inevitably enhance your training delivery process to almost ISO levels.
  • Our accreditation process is very cost effective and offers an excellent Return on Investment.