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Terms Conditions/ Undertaking For Admission

Terms & Conditions

PDRi/PDRC is a registered firm, working as facilitation center for Pakistani professional for certifying in various courses from international bodies like TRACCERT Canada & Universidad Azteca, Mexico U.S.A. and others.

I will deposit my fee through the designated bank accounts, which are mentioned in the invoice
I fully know that the fee once paid can not be refunded, however it cam be converted to any other course after band transactions charges.
I also know the nature, scope & licensing nature of international qualifications, and before taking admission I have personally got complete knowledge about the awarding body, and in no way I will sue PDRi & its collaborators at any plat from.
For any delay in the authentication, attestation, legalization process or failure of any kind in this regards, I will demand only that specific portion of fee for the purpose.
I will follow my course work, research & training in the LMS (Learning Management System) of PDRi or the concerned University.