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Research & Thesis Dissertation

Research & Thesis Dissertation is the back bone of PDRI, which is supposed to inculcate the spirit of research in professionals. Policy making and new discoveries can take place only through genuine and rigorous research work. PDRI has started its journey to encourage all sorts of research right from a research paper upto thesis at different levels. For the first time in Sub Continent, PDRI is the forum which encourages certification on bases of research. Our team is comprised of various researchers in field of social sciences and other sciences. PDRI is committed to extend all sorts of support to those who are involved in research.

SAMPLE Of Research Paper: Unlike academic research papers, professionals having vast experience in their respective fields can write the Research Paper/Project in the following format.

  1. Finding of the topic: This portion of the research contains finding and identifying the existing or imminent problem in the concerned field. This is also called Research Problem.
  2. Research Objectives: In the light of the stated problem, the research objectives are formulated. These should reflect the research question.
  3. Literature Review: This part of the research paper/assignment to sift the existing and past literature on the topic/area.
  4. Research Methodology: It entails how the research question is to be addressed. Qualitative or Quantitative Methodologies.
  5. Theoretical Framework: The lense with which the whole topic is seen.
  6. Chapterization/Sections of the Research
  7. Conclusion…
  8. Findings and Recommendations..
  9.  Important Notice: As usual Pakistanis it is commonly believed that research is an uphill task. But in case of PDRi, this is not purely academic research and the candidate will be given access to online library and our trainers will provide necessary support. Unlike the professional academic qualification there is only 2% chance of failure. If a student is matriculate and possess professional experiences, he will be given simple task of research assignments closely related to his field of profession. Some of the guide lines can be taken from CLICK HERE
  10. For books and reading materials you can login to our online library. Check some samples by clicking the below link of Research Assignments Sampleshttps://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/support/helps/self-help-resources/sample-written-assignments     
  11. More Links  CLICK HERE


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