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This  program is the most suitable choice for the professionals of PSYCHOLOGY in contemporary areas like clinical, Medical, Forensic, Alternative therapies, Educational Psychology & Many More,  is launched  for the Psy. Professionals  in the field of contemporary disciplines of Psychology, who have  at least 01-year internship or field/ job experiences. Traccert is a Canadian registered body of accreditation and certification traccert.org which is full member of Accrediting Agencies Associations AAAC.ca of Canada. This Canadian Accreditation will add worth to your certification.

Rationale of the program: 

The prime aim of this program is to develop Pakistani Professionals in the field of Psychology by certifying them through action research assignments/thesis in order to help the society at large.


MBBS, DHMS,  and other Health and Psychology Graduates.

Benefits of such Diplomas:

1. International Certification & Accreditation..
2. A unique & Flexible opportunity for on-job professionals.
3. Membership opportunities by American Association of Psychologists( on demand)
4. Additional & supplementary Qualification.
5. Nominal and affordable fee structure.
6. International jobs opportunities & Professional Development.
7. Online verification
8. TRACCERT is an accreditation body and is full member of AAAC Canada.

Mode of getting the certification:

On bases of previous learning/knowledge in the related field of Psychology and Action Research Assignment/ thesis. Fast Track and Accelerated Mode is available only for those candidates who have more than 2 year verifiable experience in the related area. In such case the one year certification can be completed with in 04 months.

Mode Of Exam & Study:
Unlike traditional & in campus training and exam, there is online research project of 30 to 40 pages on a specific relevant topic in the form of Action Professional Research Assignment. After completing the research assignment a comprehensive online exam will be conducted. The action research assignment should have less than 20% plagiarism.

Our research team will provide online books, topics, overall guidance in the preparation of Action Research Assignment. A sample research assignment is also available on the website.

What is the Fee of my Course:
Keeping in view the economic conditions of the country , the fee structure is fixed as below.

For 6 Months Certification, Complete Fee is 30,000/pkr. ( 10,000/pkr Reg.Fee, 10,000/pkr Research & Assessment Fee, 10,000pkr Courier and other services)

For 01 year diploma complete fee is 50,000pkr.

For PGD Standards Course Complete Fee is 70,000/pkr

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