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Professional D.A.E (For Overseas Pakistanis)

Alternative & Innovative approach to academic qualification designed for on job professionals

پروفیشنل DAE 

یہ دنیا بھر میں رائج طریقہ ہائے کار سرٹیفیکیشن پروسیس ہے جسکے تحت کسی بھی یونیورسٹی یا بورڈ  کسی ہنر مند کے موجودہ استعداد کو مد  نظر رکھتے ہوے اسی کے  سٹینڈرڈز مطابق اسسٹنٹ انجینئر یا ایسوسی ایٹ پروفیشنل سرٹیفکیٹ خاص نظام امتحان کے تحت ایوارڈ کی جاتی ہیں۔  پاکستان کا سب سے پہلا فورم ہے PDRI جو کے مختلف ایجوکیشنل ماہرین کے زیر نگرانی ٹراسیرت کینیڈا اور یورپین انٹرنیشنل یونیورسٹی فرانس کے اشتراک سے یہ پروگرام پاکستانی پروفیشنل اور ہنرمند افراد کی ڈیویلپمنٹ کیلئے جاری ہے۔
کے خصوصیات 

TRACCERT Which is training accreditation & Certification Organization & FULL MEMBER OF ASSOCIATIONS OF ACCREDITING AGENCIES Canada۔

2. Can Be Completed In Short Time Under Exemptions( At least 5 years experience)

3. Can be Notarized By Canadian Notary Public۔

4. Very Good For Private Job Promotion and Salary Increase۔( Many overseas Pakistanis who graduated from us have attained membership of various councils like Saudi Engineering Council۔۔


Professional Matriculation Qualification (P.M.Q.)

Following European, French, and U.S.A. patterns of P.M.Q., Professional Research Development Institute & Consultancy Services, ( PDRi/C), Under the leadership of the country’s renowned researcher, educator, and innovative expert on Education, Prof. Dr. Zshah, Ph.D., after researching the trends, established this type of Professional Qualification aimed to professionally develop the marginal segment of the country, which is engaged in various professional jobs inside and outside of the country—-, without completing the formal academic qualification.


What is Professional Matriculation? 

Professional Matriculation is a new alternative approach to existing Qualification Frame Work. First work on such professional and vocation-specific qualifications has been done by Europe, the U.S.A., and especially France if a person is being examined through any appropriate and accurate way, to determine his level of application of the gained knowledge/ skills during a specific period. If this value is determined and compared with that of a regular academic matriculate prospect of the traditional academy/institution. The 90 percent preference in various surveys goes in favor of professional matriculation.

A professional Matriculate is always on the job; he is on the way of progression in his career and finally becomes a vibrant expert and enjoys a respectful position in the industry and surrounding.

How does It work?

Under our philosophy, those persons who are 5th or 8th pass, and gained experience in a specific field for more than 03 years at least are eligible to get this Matric Standard Diploma of 02 years, under an easy process of assignments and MCQs types papers at own pace and place online, within a short time on the fast track.


 After completing this program, the candidate will have a Canadian Certificate of two years with one comprehensive transcript, with a minimum of 08 subjects.

The said professional matric would be online and physically verified from the website of, Canada.

This will enhance the working capacity in the concerned company of job

It will open new avenues for jobs in other companies and can get more salary

This will also create respect for the diploma holder in society

After Professional Matric, the candidate is having progression rout to Professional Intermediate and professional Bachelor/ Master and Doctorate courses from European International University, Paris.

Major Courses In Professional Matric ( Syllabus)

  1. Science Subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Maths
  2. Social Sciences Courses like Pakistan Studies, Islamic Study, and two optional courses. These two optional courses may include the subjects in which the candidate has experience.

How to Study & Mode of Examination:

After admission, the candidate will join our Learning Management Study and see all books and course materials, including 04 ASSIGNMENTS & 02 MCQs Online Exam. After completing assignments, If the candidate gets less than a 50 % of the score, he will be given a second and even third exam chance. Unlike traditional academic matric, in the professional specific matric, only those candidates fail who are not skilled or having no vocation specific experience upto 03 years.

After successful completion, the candidate will have a professional matriculation diploma, and this Diploma in itself will be more effective, target-oriented, professional, job-oriented than the normal academic matric certificate.

Features of the Certificate: 

  1. Accredited by TRACCERT Canada, Which is Govt. of Canada Government Registered. This is also registered as a full member of the Association Of Accrediting Agencies of Canada. You can check it on


FEE & Investment ( only for a limited time)

In America and Europe, such professional matriculation is very costly, and its price reaches upto 2000 USD. However, being a Pakistani firm, PDRi has fixed the complete discounted Fee= 80,000/PKR upto 1-9-201( Per Agreement with 50% off)

EXEMPTIONS And Fast Track Facilities: Those candidates who have more than 05 years of everyday experience with written evidence can sit in the direct 08 trade tests and earn the certificate within 90 working days.

پروفیشنل میٹرک سے مراد اکیڈمک میٹرک نہیں بلکہ پروفیشنل میٹرک آپکے میٹرک لیول تک کسی بھی شعبہ میں مہارت کا دوسرا نام ہے

ترقی یافتہ ممالک میں افواج اور دیگر ماہرین کیلئے یہ طریقہ تعلیم کئی عرصے سے رائج ہے۔ حالانکہ پاکستان جیسے ترقی پذیر ملک کیلئے یہ طریقہ تعلیم کئی پہلووں سے اہم ہے۔ ایک اندازے کے مطابق صرف بیرون ملک مقیم پاکستانیوں کی تعداد جنکے پاس میٹرک یا  معیار کے سرٹیفکیٹ نہیں۔dae

بدقسمتی سے ایسے افراد سنہری خواب دیکھنے کی خاطر اور شارٹ کٹ مارنے کی خاطر غیر معیاری سرٹیفکیٹس حاصل کرتے ہیں اور بعد میں اپنے سے ہاتھ دھو بیٹھتے ہیں۔


پاکستان کے ماہر تعلیم پروفیسر ڈاکٹر ظاہر شاہ کے انتھک کوششوں اور ریسرچ کے تحت یہ خواب کینیڈا کے معروف

Accrediting Agencies

  اور فرانس کے مشہور یوروپین انٹرنیشنل یونیورسٹی کے اشتراک سے یہ خواب پایہ تکمیل کو پہنچا ہے۔


اگر آپ میٹرک پاس نہ ہو، یا میٹرک کے بعد انٹرمیڈیٹ کرنا چاہتے ہو یا کسی بھی فیلڈ میں 3 سالہ تجربہ رکھنے کی صورت میں ایسوسی ایٹ انجینئرنگ معیار کا پروفیشنل ڈپلومہ آسانی سے حاصل کرسکتے ہو۔ ان ڈپلومہ جات کے بنیاد پر آپکے موجودہ جوب میں پروموشن کے ساتھ ساتھ کئی انٹرنیشنل باڈیز کے ممبر بھی بن سکتے ہیں

Admission Form ( Professional Matric)

I read all the terms & conditions contained in the web page of PDRi and TRACCERT and Azteca University and I fully understood the nature, scope, licensing and will use my qualification in compliance with the laws of Pakistan and abroad, and will never challenge PDRi at any platform.

Professional Intermediate Standard Diploma (P.I.D.)


It is a reality that more than 50% of Pakistanis working in various national and international companies or firms are only matriculate. They cannot admit to academic schools or colleges due to multi factors. Jos and family issues, economic and social problems, age, and peer problems are some of the elements. The European countries, especially France, have the same framework, professional graduate and professional vocational doctorate courses. This sort of certification is known as vocation-specific qualification. Modern research in Europe indicates that such professionals proved more effective in the output compared with the others.


Considering the existing research and prospects, PDRi in Collaboration with Training Accreditation and Certification Organization of Canada has initiated this unique and job-friendly approach to contribute to the Pakistani skilled and professional lot worldwide.

The award will be awarded to the eligible candidate with the title, Professional Intermediate Standards In Science or any professional areas like Safety, Construction Civil, Mechanical or any technical fields.



Mode Of Exam: Unlike traditional academic schooling at college or school. Professional Intermediate two-year Diploma is designed in an easy to get model. The important condition is that the candidate must have an age upto 25 years with more than 04 years of experience in any field in Pakistan or overseas.

The candidate makes only online exams and eight assignments through a learning management system. These papers will include general functional mathematics, everyday science general questions, Pak studies, and Islamic studies with three additional courses in which the candidate possesses experience and skills. Usually, no skilled candidate will fail.


Value of Diploma:


The Diploma will have a transcript of at least eight courses

The Diploma will be online available on the website of Canada

The TRACCERT is a global Canada based body that is a full member of AAAC.CA

Can help in new jobs/ new jobs opportunities worldwide

Professional Intermediate will indicate your excellence in your areas of excellence


Fee Structure:

Initially, till October 2021, the discounted Fee is fixed as 0ne lac and ten thousand pkr.

Future Progression: On successful completion, the candidate is encouraged to apply for Bachelor Vocation Specific in many areas from world reputed Paris based university

Admission Form ( Professional Intermediate Standards)

I read all the terms & conditions contained in the web page of PDRi and TRACCERT and Azteca University and I fully understood the nature, scope, licensing and will use my qualification in compliance with the laws of Pakistan and abroad, and will never challenge PDRi at any platform.

PROFESSIONAL DAE Or A.D.E. Standards Courses


Many Pakistanis, after matriculation, are working in Pakistan or Abroad in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Safety, Food Industry, Garments, Construction, Auto cad, Computer Graphing, I.T., Telecom, Leather Company, and so many other areas. They are earning reasonable salaries and perks.

 But the most difficult situation they face is not getting any promotion, new jobs, and salary increase, simply because they don’t have Diplomas in Associate Engineering in the specific fields. They don’t have opportunities to go to a regular college to complete the course due to family and financial compulsions.

Keeping in view this dismal scenario, the chief advisor of PDRi, in collaboration with the TRAINING ACCREDITATION AND CERTIFICATION Organization of Canada, devised a new and innovative arrangement in which the skilled Pakistanis were declared to get the three-year duration ethereal Professional Diploma In Associate Engineering(D.A.E.) Standards easily and respectfully.

Who Can be Eligible For Professional D.A.E. Standards Diploma?


  1. The candidate must have at least 04 years of written experience letter.
  2. Must have passed Matric or Professional Standards Matric
  3. Must have familiarity with own area of job.
  4. Must write 04 Assignments and Appear in short MCQs type 04 papers
  5. The Canadian Govt. can notarize it, and its additional Fee is 150USD.
  6. Internationally, D.A.E. is written A.D.E.- Standards, Where A.D.E. stands for Associate Diploma In Engineering.


Fee Structure;

Discounted Fee is Fixed 1lac 40 thousand P.K.R., which the student can deposit in 3 installments.


Mode Of Study & Exam:

Online study and submission of 04 Research Assignments and Appearing in 3 Short MCQs Papers via our Learning Management PDILMS.COM, with full support by our trainer.


FAST TRACK System; For overseas On Job Professionals having more than three years experience and can submit the complete assignments within one month and pass the online exams in another month, can complete the three-year Diploma within 3-4 months.

Must Read details before taking admission. Keeping in view the huge demand for DAE-Diploma in the GCC countries. Majority of Pakistanis in these countries are working in the cader of labour or above it. Keeping in view this new type of professional based Diploma of DAE Standards have been designed for overseas Pakistanis.


Eligibility To Get The Diploma:

  1. Must have passed matriculation
  2. At least 03 Years Field/ Company Experience.
  3. Must Write an Action Research Assignment
  4. Must Pass an Online Exam ( With in 03 Months)

Values of Such Diplomas?

Job Promotion and Job Change Support in GCC and Europe
Awarded By Well Known Accredited Body which is full member of the Association of Accreditation Agencies, www.aaac. Ca ,Canada
Online Verification & Notarization and MOFA attestation at Canada is possible.
Jo Oriented International Certification..


Diploma Samples