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Professional Clay Jewelry Course

Course name : professional Clay Jewelry Course
Instructor Name : Ariha Emaan

Course Duration : 8 weeks
Course fee : 5000
Course Outline
It Is divided in 2 terms each terms duration is 4 weeks
1st Term (week 1 to 4th) (class duration 75 min each)

Week 1 (3 lectures 75min each and 1 live session 1.5 hrs)

Monday lec 1.
*Introduction to jewelry and types of jewelry
*clay jewelry
*introduction to tools and materials used in clay jewelry
*types of clay (names)
Tips and tricks
Wednesday lec 2
*10 types of clay introduction and usages
*selection of clay for your desired designs
*recipe of 3 types of clay
Friday lec 3
Recipe and making of 3 more types of clays
Homework submission
Live queries and discussion

Week 2 (3 lectures 75min each and 1 live session 1.5hrs)

Monday lec 4
*Types of colors choosing color brands, economical colors
*Fixing clay issues and adjustments
*how to read and choose flower to be made
*types of flower to be made (15types)
*tools used in flower making
Wednesday lec 5
7 types of flower
1. Daisy
2. Sunflower
3. Morning glory
4. Daffodils
5. Hibiscus
6. Sakura
7. Lilac
Friday lec 6
7 types of flower
1. Plumeria
2. Cala lily
3. Lily
4. Marry gold
5. Jasmin (full bloom
6. Jasmin bud
7. Rose bud
Live session discussion and homework submission

Week 3 (3 lectures 75 min each and 1.5 hour live session)

Monday :lec7
Rose making with 3 different types
(realistic rose, digital rose)
Leaves and miniatures making
Full bloom , half bloom and close bud
Flowers cutting and wiring
Use of vieners and moulds
Wednesday lec 8
Use of adhesives and glues
Arrangements of flowers.
How to choose base, how to create attraction , how to choose color combination
Main components of jewelry making (base, accessories and fillers)
Friday lec 9
Making of.
* lepal pin
*scarf pin
*hair clip
Discussion and quarries live session

Week 4

Monday lec 10
• Hair clips
• Haircatch
Wednesday lec 11
• Hair crown
• Making of rings
Friday lec 12
• Panjagla
• gajra
Homework submission and live session
Term 2nd (week 5 to week 8) (class duration 1hr each)

Week 5

Monday lec 1a
• Making of bangles
Wednesday lec 2a
• Jhummar making
• Tikka /bindiya
Friday lec 3a
• Matha patti
• Baliyan
• Making and use of loreals

Week 6

Monday lec 4a
• pendants making
Tuesday 5a
• Party wearing necklace set
Wednesday 6a
• Casual jewelry set
Discussion and homework submission

Week 7

Monday 7a
• Bridle set complete
Wednesday 8a
• khussa making
Friday 9a
• Clutch making
Saturday live session and discussion

Week 8

Monday 10a
• Photography
Wednesday 11a
• Pricing and customer access
Friday 12a
• Attracting customer techniques
• Final projects Submission and live discussion

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