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PDRi Departments

Unlike Traditional Institute, PDRi has the following virtual Departments.
Research & Counseling Department:
Mainly Deals in Professional Development, Counseling, Professional Research, Career Development, & all other departments fall under the jurisdiction of this department.
Staff in this department includes Prof. Dr. Zaher Shah (Ph.D.), Qaisar Shahan( M.phil), Zakir Ullah MBA, Zakir Khan MBA, Murad Ali (M.phil), Dr. Amir Zaman (Ph.D.)Dr. Ir shad Ahmed (Ph.D.), Dr. Ikram, Mr. Javed Akhtar,

Department Of Psychology

Mr. Zakir Khan, Mr. Javed Akhtar, Madam Mehwish, Dr. Naveed

Department Of Allied Health sciences

Mr. Qaisar Khan, Dr. Zaher Shah, Dr. Ikram
Department Of Management/ Finance
Mr. Zakir Khan, Mr. Zakirullah,

Department Of Social Media & IT

Mr. Faisal Farid, Mr. Shah Fahad

Department For Overseas Admission/ Support

Mr. Qaisar Shahan, Mr. Zakirullah, Mr. Abid Ali Shah

Department Of EIU- France Courses

Dr. Zahir Shah, Mr. Javed Akhtar

Department GRE/IELTS/TOEFL Services

Mr. Zakir Khan , Mr. Faisal Farid, Dr. Zaher Shah

Department Of Beautician & Female Courses

Madam Mehwish, Madam Sumera , Madam Rubina, Madam Farah Shah

Department Of Technical Courses RPL & Regular Bases

Mr. Qaisar Khan, Mr. Shah Fahad, Mr. Faisal, Mr. Abid Ali, Zakirullah

Department Of Research Journals

Dr. Zaher Shah, Mr. Mrad Ali, Dr. Amir Zaman

Department Of Evaluation/ Assessment

Dr. Zaher Shah, Mr. Qaisar Shahan, Trainers

Department of Regular Campus-Based Training

Mr. Zakir Khan, Mr. Shafahad, & Trainers

Department of Academics

Mr. Qisar Shahan, Mr. Zakir Khan & all sub-departments & external trainers

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