Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

PDRi- Professional Development Research Institute & Consultancy Services, is engaged in Professional Research , Training, and on job-Professionals Capacity Building Initiatives Ranging From Research to Certification

PDRi is a Registered Firm & Training Partner of TRACCERT Canada

Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan
Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

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These courses are designed only for on job professionals, who are having at least 3 years relevant experience in the related field. However, these courses are offered only under RPEL(Recognition Of Prior Experiential Learning), and Direct award system. Presently such certifications will be awarded by Traacert Cnanada, which is full member of Association of Accrediting Agencies, Canada. Under this unique system, the one year duration of Certified Professional Diploma will be awarded in maximum 03 months, and the said Diploma will show the session duration like 2018 to2019, or as is determined appropriate in the light of the evidence of the experience of the candidate.

Mode Of Exam: Only Online Trade Test will be taken, along with a single action research assignment. For which all required online books and assignment topic will be sent to the student with in 15 days of the admission.

I have recorded all my entries in this form correct to the best of my knowledge, and I have been informed from all prospects of the qualification, its nature and utilization. That I will deposit my complete fee or outstanding balance before I receive the scan or online version of the certificate, and will never misrepresent PDRi at any plate form. I have also gone through the websites of and and and and I agree to every word mentioned on these web pages. I also undertake that all my documents submitted including the experiences/training/research I mentioned in my resume are true, and if on verification found incorrect/fake my admission/ diploma be cancelled at any time. That I know I will deposit the fee of admission in time and in case of delay I will not claim the deposited fee. In case any difficulty or defect in the Attestations or authentication of my proposed diploma from foreign affairs or concerned embassy I will claim the refund of that portion of fee for the purpose only as we don’t take any responsibility for attestation because its done on the request of the candidate via third party. I fully authorise the management of PDRi to process my verification attestation of foreign affairs and embassy if any on my sweet will on humanitarian grounds.That after receiving my diploma/degree I will utilize the achieved qualification for the service of humanity and as per law of the land, and in case whatever injury caused to PDRi by my direct or indirect act, I will be exclusively responsible for it, and will not sue PDRi at any platform. That I have all the knowledge of the lisencing, equivalency and accreditation of such certifications. This admission form, if even submitted directly or via email, whatsapp or any other technology will be considered my own and the signature, or name placed at the end, I will owe.
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