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PDRi Pakistan under the guidance and supervision of university teachers and educators, devised unique style of getting certified in any professional field like Education, Engineering, Health Care, Agriculture, Medicine and any other area.


Unlike Traditional System of Education, we offer a very simple, unique and flexible way of certification. This is adult and professional specific approach, according to which a professional of any field and age, can present his/her professional profile/working experiences for the accreditation and certification in the form of COMPETENCY/PROFESSIONAL diplomas. It is a unique oportunity for professionals in the sense that some of the courses can be completed in short time under Fast Track Education System( FTES), Recognition of Experiential Learning( RPEL).

Admission Procedure : Send your CV/Resume and desired certificate for evaluation, counseling and registration on  info@pdri.org cc chairman@pdri.org OR can directly get online admission by clicking on below courses.

Mode of Study & Exam: Fully equiped LMS system. However Professionals can be exempted from regular studies and will submit two Research Assignments and APPEAR IN ONLINE Exam..

Value of such certifications.

1. Professional Development.
2. International Image.
3. More job opportunities.
4. CV building & Salary increase.
5. Online verification and reference.
6. To be awarded such awards by www.traccert.org Canada, which is full member of Canada’s popular body www.aaac.ca

Admission Form

Online Verification of Certificate

Dr. Zahir Shah

Dr Shah has concluded MOUs with different international institutions/bodies European International University which is recognized by the French Ministry of Labor and Man power and UKs popular and internationally recognised Body the ASIC. Please see details on www.eiu.ac And other body of Canada is TRACCERT which is accredited by AAAC. What PDRi Can Do For You? If you have professional experience and expertise in any field like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Safety, Management, Medicine Or any other Area, you can be eligible for the award of professional Certificates/ Diplomas/ Graduate and Professional Post Graduate Diplomas under Accelerated and RPL mode of study under which the one or two year professional diploma can be awarded to the prospect candidate in 6 to 8 Months short time, under Fast Track System. By this the concerned professionals can acquire the desired legitimate professional diploma in a flexible manner, unlike the regular education system.

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