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Message Patron-in-Chief

It is the mercy of Almighty Allah that Pakistan has the best quality professionals and researchers. Professional Education — Research and Skill Development — is the most important pillar of building of a nation’s edifice. We, as a nation have to go a long way in realizing the dream of being an educated, skilled and enlightened nation. This dream shall remain elusive unless, we give our very best to the field of research and skill development. PDRI is a non-profitable organization/firm that helps in professional development and research initiative. I am very pleased to say that PDRI is the first and only firm/organization of it’s kind in Pakistan, which with the collaboration of AIMMS, helps and provides opportunities to the professionals to develop their skill/research, and to get their certification for free. PDRI is committed to make all resources available for providing better education, in order to develop professional skills and research initiative. I affirm that PDRI will play it’s part in realizing the dream of the professionals and researchers in their area. I wish all the people associated with this landmark project and its pioneers good luck and future success. May Allah help us in establishing & running this institution on the lines envisioned by our great Quaid! (آمین)  

Prof. Dr. Jehanzeb Khalil