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Be Professional Journalist with in 03 months , is an activity launched by PDRi in collaboration with TRACCERT Canada, under the supervision of seasoned Journalists & Academicians, with the following


  1. To give practical insight to the students in the field of electronic, print and digital journalism.
  2. To enable the person who gets the said training to find job in the field
  3. To enlighten the candidates of the national and international trends in journalism..
  4. It is felt that in Pakistan no Practical Journalism is properly taught in tune with the industry, so it is a golden opportunity for Pakistanis…

Regular Training:

Weekly three hours class/training/practical demonstration in the seminar hall of the PDRi Mardan.  Complete 36 Credit Hours will be completed in all 12 sessions.
Those who want Canadian Certification,  will be awarded at the end of the course.

FEE Structure:

5000 pkr Admission fee and 1500 pkr per month ( which becomes 4500 for 03 monts)
Canadian Certification Fee For 3 months is 10,000/pkr, for 6 months 20,000/pkr and 25000pkr  is for 01 year. If a student does not need or demand for international Certification, he will be provided local Certification at a fee of 1500 pkr during convocation.

Why to Join This Program:

  1. International Certification at nominal Fee.
  2. High Standard Practical Training
  3. More opportunities for Jobs
  4. Social and Political Awareness
  5. Introduction to modern technologies of journalism
  6. More opportunity of national and international exposure..
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