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How to convert experiences into the PROFESSIONAL certification

Professional Certification generally known as Professional Diplomas caters to the needs of the company and employer to increase the out put of the employee. This is not a new concept but in Pakistan it is not so much popular. If a person is having industry experiences for more than 5 years he knows the basic and even higher degree of his job. If such person is awarded professional diploma of one or two years on the bases of his collective experiences, with in short time. Because on job professionals dont find enough time of their schedule to go to traditional colleges or universities. This is especially a very good opportunity for on job professionals engaged in various jobs at GCC and other countries. These certifications, we have evidence, increased their salary and respect in their companies. For this purpose in mind the chief adviser of this organization Dr. Zshah,Ph.D who is a renowned researcher and educator, unveiled various bodies in Europe, Canada and USA.

Apart from this such certification encourages the holder of these certifications to be more devoted his profession and can gain a dignified position in the company. It is very sorry that Indians and European countries have discovered various methodologies , some call it competency diplomas and others have invented experiential learning. Others especially in France this practice is in vogue even for higher education. The world has changed, and new methodologies of learning eveolved. The current pandemic further accelerated this trend.

As an educationist and researcher, i think it befitting to expand this initiative around the globe with special focus on overseas Pakistanis. For this purpose we have joint collaboration with TRACCERT Canada, which is full member of Association of Accrediting Agencies of Cnada AAAC.CA of which the TRACCERT Canada is a full member.

To the fresh Pakistanis we dont offer such facility and rather on their request we have made a proper LMS system, where they are supposed to study properly.

HOW DO WE DO? For this the trained or skilled candidate who has done matric to Ph.D and is working in a company will submit online research assignment and appear in a short online trade test, and hence under accelerated mode, the one or two year diploma can be completed with in short time of 3-6 months.

Moreover this certifications range from enginering to health and even music.

Please keep in touch with our experts for proper advise and details.

Written By Prof. Dr. Zaher Shah, Ph.D

Chief adviser

Contact Details +92 3479812089

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