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Unlike traditional system of education, there will be commencement of Comprehensive Final Online Exam during the last days of the 4th month of every year, like 25 March 2019.  For every academic or pro academic and professional evaluation, some tools of measurement are needed, simply called examination. Keeping in view the time, nature of work, schedule and convenience of the professionals, PDRi has introduced non conventional and easy ways of examination so that the overseas professionals can feel easy in achieving this customised qualification.

For this purpose , PDRi has categorized professional candidates into the following categories.

  1. Those on job professionals who are generally matriculate and intermediate pass with more than 4 years experience, their final exam will be conducted in the form of final online exam of OPEN BOOK papers, in addition to evaluate them on bases of relevant experience. What is OPEN BOOK Exam is simple. After your admission to your desired professional diploma you will need to submit at least two research assignments, and final online exam for which books and library of PDRi will be accessed by them.
  2. Exam: This category of exam is designed for those who are intermediate pass with 5 years rigorous work experience or bachelor with at least 03 years experience. They will pass the terminal final online books based open papers exam at 3rd th month of their admission. Mean while they will be required to submit a research thesis of at least 50 pages.This category professionals will be given at least 03 chances to pass the exam and in case they fail at third time they will be awarded specified diploma of the first category candidates. But unlike traditional system of education there is not a complete failure system.
  3.  Graduates and post graduates students with more than consecutive 03 year experience, will submit a 100 pages research thesis, and appear in online 04 papers of open book. Subject to the evaluation based eligibility standards.
  4. Regular Students: Regular students will study through out the year as per standards and policies made by PDRi team. His fee structure will be different, 70 % higher than the rest categories.
  5. Examination For Local Pakistanis:  Unlike the Overseas Pakistanis, the local Pakistanis who work inside of Pakistan there will be at least 04 research Assignments and final online or in campus examination every year. Pakistanis local can not avail of the experience based exemption. They can be granted only 40% exemption subject to 04 year rigorous experience in the relevant field. The fee structure for Local Pakistanis will be at least 30% higher than overseas. Because we will provide online trainer to teach them.

EXPLANATION: After your admission you will be provided login id of the library of PDRi or sent to you some online standard books for research work and online open books papers. By open book papers we mean that the student can attempt the paper from his home or duty place and such exam is 60 % based on the content materials of the given books.

Who can fail? In such qualification system no person can fail and more than 3 chances are provided to the candidates. If the candidate tries himself to fail intentionally, still PDRi team and trainer will assist him till last ditch efforts to pass him. What is seen during the past 15 years experience of PDRi team is the candidate take a longer time in achieving the certificate in case of poor performance in exam.

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