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Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan
Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

Administrative Assistant Skills


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Certified Professional In Administrative Assistant Skills
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This course focuses on the most important attitudes, skills, and knowledge a professional administrative assistant should possess. These include demonstrating clear confident verbal, non-verbal and written communication, professional communication as well as managing both an organised office and an organised boss by always staying in control. Additionally, participants will create a clear plan of how to improve their personal skills when interacting with others. Packed with skill practice activities and exercises that are hands-on and interactive, participants practice new skills in a fun, high-energy environment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the six basic principles of communication.
  • Improve their critical communication skills of listening, asking questions, and recognizing nonverbal messages.
  • Use a business writing process to enhance their business writing skills.
  • Become more organised and set clear goals and objectives for better planning and performance.

Modules Covered

Module 1: A Communication Primer

  1. How Well Do You Communicate?
  2. Assessment
  3. Assessment: Types of Questions
  4. Assessment: The Power of Listening
  5. Assessment: Listening Self-Assessment
  6. 4 Types of Communicators
  7. Assessment: Communication Style
  8. Basic Telephone Etiquette
  9. Tone of Voice
  10. Body Language
  11. Changing Attitudes by Changing Posture
  12. Assessment: Body Language

Module 2: Written Communication Essentials

  1. Professional Business Writing Process
  2. Pre-Writing
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Free Writing
  5. Mind Mapping
  6. Analyse and Know Your Audience
  7. Select and Organise Your Ideas
  8. Editing Your Writing
  9. Assessment: Shorten These Sentences
  10. Active and Passive Voice
  11. Parallel Construction
  12. Proofreading
  13. Assessment: Business Writing

Module 3: Getting Organised

  1. Organising Your Workspace
  2. Dealing with Paperwork
  3. Dealing with E-mail
  4. To-Do List
  5. A-B-C-D System
  6. Planning and Scheduling
  7. Assessment: Business Writing

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What Would You Get at Completion”]1. Mastery of and competency in specific targeted job skills much required for personal impact and professional success
2. Nationally recognized and international accredited PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN CALL CENTER TELEPHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE evidencing your competitive advantage in the job market, locally and internationally
3. Greater confidence to face job-related tasks and achievement of optimized performance
4. Direct application of relevant vocation-specific skills and technical know-how transfer for significantly improved performance at workplace
5. Higher likelihood of being considered for job promotions and salary upgrades
6. Become officially certified as EXPERT SPECIALIST, both theoretically and practically, in a specific field of specialization

Entry Requirement

Learners should possess a high level of motivation and self-discipline
-Learners should be proficient in the English language
-Learners should possess at least 6 to 12 months of professional working experience in any field
-Learners must possess basic smartphone or computer operating knowledge and skills

Pathway Options





Up to 2 month


Learning Material

Personalised, easy to understand text-based (reading materials) interactive resources that progressively and systematically takes the learner through various areas of competencies required at the workplace, in a specialised field of study

Assessment of Learning

Personalised exercises, assignments and/or quizzes are utilized throughout the course/programme to measure progress in learning. such comprehensive assessment procedure is characterized by being diagnostic, formative (intervention-oriented), and summative

Completion Requirements

100% completion of courses and assessment therein is required to be able to get certified in the said course and/or programme

Granding Scheme

The grading system is defined as follows:

Higher Distinction : 90-100%
Distinction : 80-89%
First Division : 70-79%
Second Division : 60-69%
Satisfactory : 50-59%
Unsatisfactory : 49 % and below

Recognition & Accreditation

The European International University (EIU-Paris) is duly recognised as a Vocational Education & Professional Training (VEPT) service provider in accordance to Article R.6351-6 of the French Employment Code, under the registration number: 11755784775, with the prefecture of the region of ILE-DE-FRANCE, as well as internationally accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC), a U.K. Government recognized international accreditation body.

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1. Go to…
2. You will be directed to a page entitled:
“Public List of Training Organizations (L.6351-7-1 of the Labor Code)”
3. Click “DOWNLOAD” – and when the spreadsheet opens, search for “European International University”