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Professional Diploma in Gynae & Obstricts


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Professional Diploma in Gynae & Obstricts


Professional Diploma in Gynae & Obstructs


This course covers essential knowledge, skill and attitude in order to enable them: Identify Genecology/Obstetric diseases including emergencies, provide primary Reproductive Health Care, refer to appropriate center and provide follow-up to the patients. Perform essential minor Genecology/Obstetric procedures. Communicate effectively with the patient, the family and the community regarding Genecology/Obstetric diseases and its related issues. Understand medical ethics and its application pertaining to Genecology/Obstetric and maintain the confidentiality of the patient


The benefits of this model curriculum are to:
To understand the prevalence and prevention of the common Public Health Problem related to Genecology/Obstetric in the community.
Understand the principles of medical research including fundamentals of Information Technology. MEDICINE (Including Psychiatry, Dermat​ology

Course Outline

Complete Course Details & Syllabus will be shared through LMS after admission

Module 1

Obstetric History Taking and examination.
Conception, implantation and development of placenta, Fetal circulation, Abnormalities of placenta.
Foetal skull and Bony pelvis
Diagnosis of pregnancy.
Physiological changes associated with pregnancy. 91
Ante-natal care.
Early pregnancy loss and its management (Abortions) Labor.
Physiology of labor.
Mechanism of labor.
Management of labor.
Complications of 3rd stage of labor.
Abnormal labor e.g. prolonged labour/obstructed labour.
Pre-term labour.
Induction of labour.
Conduction of normal delivery
Operation delivery.
Forceps delivery
Vacuum delivery
Caesarean section
Ante-partum Haemorrhage
Hyperemisis Gravidarum
Medical Disorder associated with pregnancy
Pregnancy with diabetes – Pregnancy with jaundice/Hepatitis

Module 2

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
Vital statistics.
Obstetric shock
IUGR and its management
Fetal distress and its management
Fetal Monitoring
Fetal presentations
Examination of the new-born baby
Breech presentation
Occipital posterior position
Brow presentation
Face presentation
Cord prolapse/compound presentation
Transverse lie/unstable lie
Multiple pregnancy
Puerperium (normal and abnormal).
Resuscitation of new-born. 92
Minor problems of the new-born.
Breast feeding and its importance.
Obstetric injuries/Ruptured Uterus.
Haematological disorder of pregnancy e.g. – Rh incompatibility – Thalassemia major/minor
Role of Ultrasound in Obstetric
Foetal congenital abnormalities
Log Book of 20 assisted deliveries
uggested syllabus in gynaecology
Anatomy of female – Genital organs – Development of female genital organs

Module 3

Gynaecological History taking and examination
Puberty and adolescence
Ovulation and its clinical importance
Normal Menstruation
Menstrual abnormalities
Ectopic pregnancy
Trophoblastic Tumours
Vulval lesions
Tumours of vagina
Tumours of cervix
Tumours of uterus
Tumours of ovaries
Tumours of Fallopian Tubes
Menopause, HRT
Genital Prolapse
Pelvic Floor injuries
Problems of marriage and sex
Vaginal Discharges
Infections of female genital Tract
Pre-Operative preparations
Post-Operative complications and its management
Role of USG in Gynaecology

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