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Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan
Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

Certified Professional in Prophetic Medicine/Tib-E-Nabvi


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Certified Professional in Prophetic Medicine/Tib-E-Nabvi


Ṭibb al-Nabawī refers to the words and actions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH with reference to disease, the treatment of disease, and the care of patients. It also refers to a) the actual words of the Prophet on medical matters; b) medical treatment practiced by others on the Prophet PBUH; c) medical treatment practiced by the Prophet PBUH on himself and others; d) medical treatment observed by the Prophet PBUH with no objections, and e) medical procedures that the Prophet heard or knew about and did not prohibit. Ṭibb al-Nabawī also includes guidance on physical and mental health that is universally applicable to patients, at any time, and under all circumstances. It covers preventive medicine, curative medicine, mental well-being, spiritual cures (ruqyah), and medical treatments. It seeks to integrate body and soul in the quest for optimum health.


  • After completing this diploma course, one will be able to practice Tibb al Nabawi effectively. This course benefits us both in this world and the world hereafter, as it is based on sunnah and the book of God Holy Quran.

Module 1

Introduction to Tibb-al-Nabawi
Pursuit of good health with faith in the decree of Allah
Types of illnesses
Healing comes from Allah
Principles of health promotion and treatment
Life cycles factors person/environment and interaction

Module 2

Air seasons and breathing
Food and drink
Physical exercise and rest
Sleep and wakefulness
Emotions and feelings
Elimination of toxin

Module 3

Healthy practices
Medication Ethics within the context of Tibb Al Nabawi
Afflictions from unseen
Spiritual healing
Healthy living guidelines for different temperamental types


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