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Certified Professional In Advanced Computer Architecture

Certified Professional In Advanced Computer Architecture

Certified Professional In Advanced Computer Architecture


Architecture and organization of high-performance computers. Principles of instruction sets. Pipeline, instruction-level parallelism, and multi-processors. Memory, storage, and interconnection. Quantitative analysis and evaluation of design alternatives. Historical developments. Architectural trade-offs and innovations


  • After completing this course, you will be able to;
  • Analyze the advanced concepts of computer architecture.
  • Explain the major differences between RISC and CISC architectural characteristics.
  • Identify modern design structures of Pipelined and Multiprocessors systems.
  • Become acquainted with recent computer architectures and I/O devices


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Module 1

Instruction level parallelism
ILP Concepts and challenges, Hardware and software approaches, Dynamic scheduling, Speculation, Compiler techniques for exposing ILP, Branch prediction
Multiple issue processors
VLIW & EPIC, Advanced compiler support, Hardware support for exposing parallelism, Hardware versus software speculation mechanisms, IA 64 and Itanium processors, Limits on ILP

Module 2

Multiprocessors and thread-level parallelism
Symmetric and distributed shared memory architecture, Performance issues, Synchronization, Models of memory consistency Introduction to Multithreading

Module 3

Memory and i/o
Cache performance, reducing cache miss penalty and miss rate, Reducing hit time, Main memory and performance, Memory technology. Types of storage devices, Buses, RAID, Reliability, availability and dependability, I/O performance measures, Designing an I/O system.
V multi-core architectures
Software and hardware multithreading, SMT and CMP architectures, Design issues, Case studies: Intel Multi-core architecture, SUN CMP architecture, heterogeneous multi-core processors, case study: IBM Cell Processor


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