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Advanced Baking

Advanced Baking



This course provides the student with an understanding of advanced baking techniques and the application of pastry components with emphasis on restaurant and banquet desserts. The student will also be exposed to a variety of decorating concepts and plated presentations that are consistent with today’s market trends.


Objective of the course

  • Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:
  • Demonstrate the preparation of custard fillings, creams, mousses, and Bavarian creams.
  • Demonstrate the production of various cake batters, involving creaming method, 2 stage method or flour batter method eg. Cheesecake, small pastries, special occasion cakes, petit fours
  • 3. Demonstrate various decorating techniques for special occasion cakes, classical cakes, and small pastries using icings, frostings, and buttercream.
  • Describe and demonstrate the production of patellae and decorative applications.
  • Describe and demonstrate the production of chocolate including gouache, tempering, and decorative motifs
  • 6. Read and interpret recipes, and explain and demonstrate several ways of measuring ingredients, using scales and standard measuring instruments, and be able to differentiate between volume and weight measurements.
  • Work effectively in groups, including demonstration of effective tasks and maintenance roles and functions contributing to group performance that will meet guest expectations and industry standards.





Registration Form

I read all the terms & conditions contained in the web page of PDRi and TRACCERT and Azteca University and I fully understood the nature, scope, licensing and will use my qualification in compliance with the laws of Pakistan and abroad, and will never challenge PDRi at any platform.

Course Outline

Complete course details & syllabus will be shared through LMS after admission


Chapter 1 : Rules, safety, sanitation
Chapter 2 : Weights and measures
Assignment # 1
Assignment # 2
Online Exam


Chapter 3 : Preparation of yeast products, dough’s, cakes, meringues,


Chapter 4 : Bavarians and mousses
Assignment # 1
Assignment # 2
Online Exam
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