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(A trusted facilitation center for online/on campus learning around the world)

We Provide professional Certification for Adult Professionals Through Research Assignments & Weekly Online Classes Around the Globe

(A trusted facilitation center for online/on campus learning around the world)

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PDRi is a registered company under Professional Research And Training Services, Private Limited Based In Mardan, KP, with virtual campuses around the world, Under the supervision of like minded researchers, trainers and educators and works in training, accreditation and certification in collaboration with national and international bodies.

We have initiated to be felt present around the glob. We can absorb any person of all genders, religions and casts, who is professional in any field like Medicine, Teaching, Research, Engineering, Food Sciences, HR, Marketing, Social Sciences, Psychology, GRE, Natural Sciences, M.Phil/ Ph.D in any discipline and etc.

Nature Of Job/ Service: Online Weekly Sessions at your own schedule and ease.

Reward/ Compensation/Remuneration: Will be negotiated from time to time, depending on the nature of services. Online Trainers will take weekly classes to our enrolled candidates and will get reasonable remuneration.

Hope you will join this win-win venture, and become an internationally recognized trainer, assessor, researcher, and educator.

Those having private institutes, centers, colleges, universities, training companies, or on job professionals, are having golden opportunities.

Kindly fill the below online form, and record your data to join our forum. Professionals from abroad are also encouraged.


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Being Interested To Work With PDRi/PDRC as Assessor, Researcher, Trainer and coordinator I hereby give consent , in order to play a positive role for the development of Pakistanis. I will strictly follow the policies of PDRi/PDRC.