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Azteca Ph.D Courses

Ph.D Courses

Ph.D level courses are the highest degrees and require rigorous study and research. Overseas Professionals, having masters in the respective areas are eligible for such courses.These courses can be awarded by Azteca University of Mexico, Which is World Higher Education Database & UNESCO listed.
However as per SOPS of Pakistan Higher Education Commission only the On Campus Study is recognized. Azteca University also offers Dual Degree Courses in Collaboration with Central University of Nicaragua, which is IQAS registered. Those Pakistanis who want such courses only for Pakistan specific purposes are not encouraged to apply. Because some times international accredited qualification may not be acceptable by the higher education commission of Pakistan.

PDRi is working only as facilitation point for Admission & Research to the said University, under the Supervision of Chief Advisor of PDRi, Prof. Dr. Zshah, PhD.

Azteca University Ph.D Courses

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