Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

PDRi- Professional Development Research Institute & Consultancy Services, is engaged in Professional Research , Training, and on job-Professionals Capacity Building Initiatives Ranging From Research to Certification

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Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan
Online Diploma Courses In Pakistan

Azteca Master Courses

Azteca University Master's Degree Courses

Master’s degree courses under Blended Mode of Study & based on past experience exemptions  be awarded to the Potential Candidates, Who are having more than 3 years of relevant experience and bachelors. However this facility is available for certain courses subject to prior approval by the university.
These courses can be awarded by the Azteca University of Mexico, Which is World Higher Education Database & UNESCO listed.
However, as per SOPS of the Pakistan Higher Education Commission, only the On-Campus Study is recognized. Azteca University also offers Dual Degree Courses in Collaboration with the Central University of Nicaragua, in some specific courses. If you want to discuss your desired course, keep in touch with our CEO Qaisar Shahan on +92 3479812089 via Whatsapp/ or Call during office hours.

PDRi is working only as a facilitation point for Admission & Research to the said University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Zshah, Ph.D. Kindly note it that we never claim as an awarding body by itself, and rather we can support you in your admission and research in compliance with legal provisions, as contained in the terms and conditions of PDRi.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Financial Management
International Business Management
Oil & Gas Management
Production & Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Construction Management
Accounting & Management
Project Management
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Banking & Insurance
Total Quality Management
Hotel Management
Facilities Management
Fire & Safety Management
Health Care Administration

Master of Sciences in Business Administration (M.Sc.)

Master of Sciences in Psychology (M.Sc.)

Master of Sciences in Information Technology (M.Sc.)

Master in Computer Sciences (M.Sc.)

Master of Sciences in Health Sciences (M.Sc.)

Master of Sciences in Public Health (M.Sc.)

Master of Educational Sciences (M.Ed.)

Master of Science in Coaching (M.Sc.)


I read all the terms & conditions contained on the web page of PDRi, TRACCERT, and Azteca University and I fully understood the nature, scope, licensing and will use my qualification in compliance with the laws of Pakistan and abroad, and will never challenge PDRi at any platform.