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PDRi is the abbreviation of Professional Development & Research Initiatives. It is having Collaboration With TRACCERT, Canada, which is short for TRAINING ACCREDITATION AND CERTIFICATION Organization. This is also a full member of the Association Of Accrediting Agencies Canad, having web page aaac.ca.

How It Works?

This program is most suitable for health care professionals who are working in any sector of health at any level. These professionals will only appear in an online exam and do two research assignments for the requirement to be accredited and certified in the form of one-year certification, within even a short time.

Benefits Of Such Certification?

  1. International Image Building   2. Professional Capacity Building  3. New Jobs Opportunities 4. CV and Business Development 5. Professional and specialized growth 6. Confidence Building 7. International luxurious capacity based Certification at lowest Fee. Good for overloaded Health Professionals, because if cant take classes, can submit Online Research via LMS of PDRI, PDILMS.COM
  2. Mode of Exam And Teaching: 

Unlike Traditional and on-campus mode of study, this program is specially designed for on job professionals. There will be online Sessions of training via Zoom/MST Or Group of Whatsapp, if the Applicant desires so. Instead, the candidate will be required to submit at least two Research-Based Action Research Assignments.

Exam and evaluation are done via, Online LMS based exam, and can be scheduled up to 4 times a year.

For Online Free Registration and details click on SELECT COURSE  from the following. We can offer upto 10% discount in the fee to the deserving candidates.

Professional Diploma In anesthesia Care Technician

Professional Diploma In diabetes

Professional Diploma In dialectology & speech THERAPy 

Professional Diploma IN dispenser

Professional Diploma In e.n.t

Professional Diploma In human diet & nutrition

Professional Diploma In kidney disease

Professional Diploma In medical genetics

Professional Diploma In medical record keeping

Professional Diploma In medical care technician

Professional Diploma In medical technologist

Professional Diploma In nanotECHNology

Professional Diploma In natuRo pathy 

Professional Diploma In respiratory therapy

 Professional Diploma   in child  PSYCHOLOGY

Professional Diploma in EDUCATION Psychology

Education Psychology

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