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PDRi is the short of Professional Development  Research Initiatives and PDRC, which is Professional Development & Research Council  that work under the PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH & TRAINING SERVICES ( PRTS), Pvt. Ltd.  PDRi/PDRC under the dynamic leadership of Professor Dr. Zaher shah, Ph.D(Pol.Science),MD-AM, Chief Advisor Of TRACCERT Canada for Asia/GCC region , and European International University, France. This institute is focusing on the Professional  development of professionals by introducing new and modern approaches like Professional Action Research to certify the professional prospects, in an easy, creative and productive manner. PDRi is basically Lahore based firm while PDRC is Kp based Registered Firm, but operates from its Head Office Mardan, which is its operations headquarter. It has many chapters like , Smart Cure Academy, which helps in training the slow learners. CSS/PMS training Chapter, Professional Research and Training Services, Female Development Initiatives..

PDRi/PDRC is primarily committed to bring new trends in  Professional Qualification based on Research Initiatives, which means to bring development to the professionals mainly via Professional Research, training,Online Action Research. PDRi is, thus striving to bring new and advanced concepts to the body of knowledge.  Formal structural education system both online and in campus is in  vogue in every part of the world. A little attention is paid to professional executive qualification mainly for on job professionals. This Concept is based on the assumption that due to family and job pressures, every person can not afford to pursue traditional  education. For it, many experiments in the West like USA, UK, France have taken place and new terminologies like RPL, recognition of prior learning, E.B.D experience based education, FTES fast track education system, and so many others have evolved. All these methodologies have been designed so delicately that some persons try to gain camouflage under them and set into selling education on wrong ways.  The honorary chairman of this organization, Dr. Zaher Shah, who is a  researcher and expert in career development and counseling , with expertise in professional continuing qualification, was having since long a desire to put forward a professional friendly methodologies of learning and development through research and problem solution mechanisms. The main approach  for this purpose, relied on assessment & evaluation of existing competencies on bases of Research. Here a research implies to test, verify and or  to enhance the intensity and frequency of the prospect candidate. The research intended for the purpose may vary from simple Assignment to Research Article or Project. Unlike conventional schooling this set of schooling does not fall in the national or internationally schemed frame works and regulatory entities, and hence it provides an open option to the trainer and the trainee the best available type  and the mode of research work. However PDRi presents a plate form for such activities keeping in view the needs,environment and schedule of the professionals especially the overseas.

So in this way PDRi/PDRC presents a unique, adventurous, innovative idea of how to enhance professionalism, keeping in view the challenges of the 21th century, and post modernism era. To give a practical shape to the ideas of PDRi members, various memorandums  and agreements have been done with various entities/bodies/institutions and research related centers around the world. However, we have decided to work in collaboration with the two institutions, namely 1. TRACCERT Canada, 2. EIU-European International University France. Traccert Canada is selected because Canadian professional qualification is the most trusted around the world,for attaining high profile jobs and it is accredited by NAAC of Canada. Similarly the European International University,inc.Paris is also a very standard selection. It has for the first time in history of man kind touched on a unique frame work of qualification system. For complete details of these institutes browse their sites on France   and Canada.

For Overseas Pakistanis we strive to bring flexible, customized ways of certification.  

Most importantly, working professionals who seek to upgrade their knowledge and skills in specialized vocations could benefit from EIU’s flexible programmes, enabling them to study while working. Unlike academic learning, there is direct application for learning that takes place in the vocational & professional streams, hence increasing chances of employment and job promotions compared to others without such learning experiences. It is a well-known fact that people often pursue Vocational Education & Professional Training (VEPT) to achieve their dream jobs.

In addition, majority of the learned and highly marketable Vocational Skills are practically useful all over the world, creating employment opportunities globally. Apart from the many personal and professional benefits that VEPT provide to an individual, it is a well-accepted fact that it also serves as a great asset to the economy of any country, i.e., catalyst for national growth.

PDRi team is determined to give 20% share of the net income in the path of God, which will be spent on the education of the poor students especially in kp. This is God’s share and will be provided and calculated at the end of every 6th month of year.



PDRI, is the first ever forum in Pakistan which came into being with the sole aim to focus on the Development Of Professionals- where professionals for us mean a person who is a cobbler or World Class Engineer in a local or multi national firm. The idea of PDRi is in a way an attack on the existing traditional vocational and professional qualification, and to discover and implement overseas friendly continuing qualifications.  The main target of this initiative is to give precedence to Overseas Pakistanis especially in the Middle East, who are comparatively deprived from timely promotion and finding new jobs and promotions. Secondly, it is aimed to give a chance of professional qualification to them because living abroad and feeding their families in Pakistan they can not find free time for regular in campus conventional education. In order to further facilitate them, PDRI is proud to tell that FEE structure for all such programs is the most economical and can be paid in easy installments. PDRi is a fatal initiative for fake diplomas sellors, by not properly explaining the status, nature, and positions of such capacity building qualifications. Our intermediate pass population is usually prey to such incidence, who try to get academic qualification on short cuts, which is impossible. Only few authentic bodies in the world provide  competency based and skill based certifications.


It is managed and operated by research professionals & experts with Lowest Fee in the market. Keeping in view the time and duty factors of overseas working folk, PDRi has adopted so many flexible ways suiting to the preoccupation of the prospects .Please reach us on For Whatsapp Texts /counseling +923429245351, usually  second time.


We simply help,  guide the professionals  who work inside or out side of the country in facilitating them with  professional certifications and guidance from internationally reputed institutions through modern tools of study and examinations mainly suited to the scheduled work routine . Unlike as are in vogue in  the traditional, class and age specific general education system.  Majority of our Adult population who after matric usually engage in a factory or firm, and hence has no time for class based and time based study. He is destined to remain on same position or even chances of his demotion are waiting for him and no vertical promotion can he even think of. Some of our youth are stuck in Europe, Middle East and East Asian Countries. PDRi thus strives to bring all those legal and practical means and measures to provide the desired level professional continuing qualification to the prospects. Being  researchers, the PDRi board has decided to have a lengthy research on it, and currently the Canadian based board  and the European International University can  some how meet the needs of it. However it is a continuous journey. So what we do is simply we have conviction to see our Pakistani Professionals happy and prosperous and can face the new challenges. in addition PDRi has also set up physical training set ups in Lahore, Islamabad and Lahore for local Pakistanis who want to get practical training. Basically encouraging research culture in the country, we have taken measures to appoint 1000 Trainers world wide to provide and supervise the research and training.